Annual update on The Settlement Channel and LBN

Each year I like to take a little bit of time and bring our readers/listeners up to speed on the progress of The Settlement Channel and it's larger affiliate, The Legal Broadcast Network. As we complete our third year of broadcasting, podcasting and blogging there has been a steady evolution into our current model and the progress and growth continues to amaze me. Just a few numbers and facts for you:

1. Our studio has undergone another expansion and has yet more growing about to occur later this year. When we moved the studio from Boston to Phoenix, one of the better moves we could have made, we were initially housed in some spare studio space at our partner EAR's building. Anyone who visited during that time remembers the steelcase desks, hanging wires and "college radio" look. We now have a state of the art studio which we are about to out grow as we continue our expansion into video podcasting and broadcasting. The transition should be seamless but your going to be amazed at the facility we are about to construct here in Phoenix.

2. Our audio and video downloads/listens are currently running at 2500 per day with month to month growth continuing at 20%. Our goal was to get to a monthly download and listen level of 100,000 per month and we should be there by December at our current rates of growth. We just had our first 75,000+ download/listen month and if you have gone to Itune, Google, Yahoo or Youtube to view our content you'll notice the speed and quality of our audio and video and the excellent content we can deliver all over the internet. Total downloads/listens in the last 2 years is just about at 1,000,000 which is an amazing number considering how little we advertise these and that we are just now starting our marketing efforts.

3. Unique visits to our blogs and web pages is exceeding 30,000 each month, with total web hits on the sites, excluding web bots and search engine crawlers, having topped 80,000. These may not be great numbers for a gossip or marketing site, but for a special purpose legal/settlement organization i'm more then pleased. Each day more and more people find our content, subscribe to our RSS feeds and join our newsletter mailing list. Having 1000 visitors per day with most people looking at an average of three pages of content is right on target for our goals and is building a foundation of readers, viewers and stakeholders that is allowing us to continue building our broadcast and publishing platform. 

In short, all of this done with out click through advertising, obnoxious banner advertisements or "members only" sections. In the next six months you will see no less then 4 new channels joining the LBN family and further expansion of our blogs and resources for our readers/listeners. As always I appreciate your feed back, support and if you are interested in being part of The Settlement Channel or Legal Broadcast Network, don't hesitate to contact me about how podcasting and blogging can help you grow your practice or organization. Unlike "the other guys" we are an open platform that anyone can join and be apart of and we want you to join the LBN family.

Later this weekend we will be sending an email and posting here the details of LBN and The Settlement Channels exciting CLE event scheduled out here in Scottsdale at the Scottsdale Plaza hotel on November 1-3. This will be a combination of live CLE and podcasting that will generate over 14 hours of continuing legal education credits, have a full day of tournament/fun golf, social opportunities and a chance to relax with your peers in the settlement and legal community. Like all of our events it's open to anyone in the legal and settlement community and you are really going to enjoy what we have planned. Just another reason stick with LBN and The Settlement Channel. 

Have a great Labor Day, it's going to be a great fall and year end.

Posted on August 31, 2007 .