Structured sales, a languishing market.

Over on my somewhat neglected blog at Wahlstrom & Associates you can read a few of my recent thoughts on the structured sales market.

Today's post was on the increasing dominance of online marketing hustlers pushing questionable sales programs, distorting the trade name and in general planting the seeds for the potential demise of structured sales as a viable concept. Basically we are looking at a potentially huge opportunity for the settlement community to develop a new market, but it is being choked off by lack of support from the life companies and is now being over run by the former tax hustling private annuity crowd to sign up insurance agents, planners, real estate and mortgage brokers to make big money selling structured sales. You can read that post by clicking here.  

Earlier I did a post on the mortgage market collapse and it's impact on the structured sales market. What I didn't mention, but should have, in that article was that the coming slow down in real estate and mortgage business is going to create a swarm of failed professionals looking to get into the structured sales transaction business. The settlement industry and the life companies involved, Allstate and Prudential, really need to be taking a very hard look at the GA's they have appointed to sell the product and make sure they are policing the sales tactics and partnerships being created to market these annuities.

The fact is this is a market with huge potential that is still pretty much sitting on the launching pad waiting for lift off. The vacuum created by the apathy of settlement professionals in marketing this concept is being filled by questionable professionals from the private annuity, real estate and mortgage business and the consequences for the long term success of this product are pretty much hanging in the balance.  

Posted on August 23, 2007 and filed under Structured Sales.