Attorney Jan Schlichtmann and Attorney Rick Kuykendall discuss 468b trusts.

In a fascinating interview with two of the nations leading trial lawyers, Attorney Jan Schlichtmann of the Civil Action Center and Attorney Rick Kuykendall of Mobile, AL sit down for an intriguing discussion of mass tort cases and a novel application of the 468b trust. For many years settlement advisors have struggled to get the mass tort bar to grasp the importance of using a 468b trust to handle the back end client management issues of complicated mass torts, but these two innovators have now begun the process of using the 468b trust on the front end of cases like Vioxx, Procrit, Aranesp and Epogen which have potentially 10's of thousands of claims, and uncertain causation and damages. This podcast is a superb look at the mindset and ideas of two veteran trial lawyers who have seen the failings of some of the old methods for case settlement in mass tort cases, such as asbestos, breast implants, phen fen and others, and want to begin to bring about a new way of thinking. This is a mandatory video for anyone in the claims, settlement, legal or planning community.
Posted on April 5, 2007 and filed under Procrit , Vioxx litigation.