Mark Wahlstrom's presentation to NSSTA on Mass Torts and 468b trusts

Mark Wahlstrom, President of Wahlstrom & Associates and host of The Settlement Channel will be presenting to the NSSTA ( National Structured Settlement Trade Association) in Toronto on April 24, 2007 on the topic of 468b Trusts in Mass Tort and Multi-Claimant cases, a new approach to an old problem.

One of the leading innovators in the creative uses of structured settlements, non-qualified annuity contracts and settlement trusts, Mark will be sharing his latest innovation that has been designed for multi-litigant and mass tort cases such as the anemia drugs Procrit and Aranesp, as well as on going litigation such as Vioxx and Accutane.

While 468b trusts have been part of the tax and legal community for over 20 years, their use has been hindered by confusion, lack of education, turf battles between settlement professionals and interference from financial institutions hostile to the settlement planning industry.

You may read the outline of this talk, as well as access all of the embedded video and media clips from a wide range of attorneys and experts commenting on this unique approach to mass tort case management and settlement.

You may access the outline of the entire talk as well as the video and audio podcasts by clicking here.