Mark Wahlstrom and Brian Michaels of ATG Trust discuss 468b

In another of our series of videos from the Mass Torts Made Perfect Conference attached below is the video podcast featuring Mark Wahlstrom and Brian Michaels of ATG Trust Company in Chicago, IL. This particular podcast will be of interest to settlement professionals and trial lawyers looking for more detail as to how Wahlstrom & Associates and the Civil Action Center have developed a unique approach to Mass Tort and multi-claimant cases using 468b trusts. As most professionals know the 468b has typically been vastly under used in litigation, largely due to professional opposition from defense brokers who fear losing control of the ability to write structured settlements out of the trust, as well as trial lawyers who fail to take the time to understand the utility and importance of these trusts in preserving clients governmental benefits, ability to structure and handle probate issues. In this and the other videos below settlement professionals should come away with less anxiety about how these are being used in small scale mass torts and how they are being proposed for use in larger scale cases. This "open platform" allows for any structure broker who represents an attorney or client to participate in the trusts, as well as represent their clients with out interference. This is going to be a new dynamic on several high profile cases and these video podcasts should start the process of getting you up to speed.