Matt Garretson discusses medicare lien issues using a 468b trust.

Attorney Jan Schlichtmann and Attorney Matt Garretson sit down at the recent Mass Torts Made Perfect Conference to discuss the use of 468b trusts on the front end of a mass tort case, and how it will dramatically improve the ability of a firm like Matt's to begin the evaluation and resolution process of medicare and medicaid lien issues. As any mass tort lawyer knows, the lien resolution matter often impedes settlement, slows disbursement of funds to plaintiffs and bedevils mass tort firms in administering a settlement. This is a solid video podcast for people interested in learning more about the issues of liens, 468b trusts and their application in Mass Tort Cases. Matt has commented previously on the Settlement Channel about matters such as the Alborn decision and other issues on medicare and medicaid liens, so you'll enjoy watching him discuss this with one of the nations leading trial lawyers, Jan Schlichtmann of the Civil Action Center.
Posted on April 11, 2007 .