Vioxx decisions and conversation on the WSJ Law Blog

One of the better daily sources of legal news and information is provided each day online through the Wall Street Journal's law blog.

You can click here to read it, although you might need to register online first.  

It is a general law blog, but a lot of the better reporting and news on mass tort cases and in particular the Vioxx litigation can be found on the WSJ. There is very little original reporting on a regular basis by people familiar with the litigation and I highly recommend you read their commentary.

The recent Vioxx verdict in which the Humeston case was retried in the NJ court, as well as the Herman case in which trial lawyer Mark Lanier was attempting to duplicate his early result in a verdict against Merck. Humeston was the case that was originally a Merck verdict but was tossed out by Judge Higbee after it was learned that certain evidence presented at trial wasn't accurate.

The entire log blog article is available here.  

 What is striking, more then the article, is the discussion on the blog by readers and the agenda's they bring. You have the tort reform crowd in full bloom, but you also have a mix of some very good attorney's who comment on the strategy, positions the judge has taken, etc. Good reading and discussion.


Posted on March 7, 2007 and filed under Vioxx litigation.