Reports from the Mass Torts Made Perfect Conference.

I'll be reporting for the next three days from the Mass Torts Made Perfect Conference in Las Vegas, NV, where several major stories that involve the settlement community will be presented by featured speakers, as well as offering news on some of the more significant mass torts currently in process such as Vioxx, Zyprextra, Asbestos as well as emerging cases on Procrit, Epogen and Arenesp.

Jan Schlichtmann of the Civil Action Center will be giving a featured address on Procrit, a new method of case resolution,  and will be joined in the presentation by Attorney Rick Kuykendall and Attorney Roberta Ashkin. The LBN studio's will be taping the entire address and will provide it early next week in full so you can see and hear this significant announcement both in the Procrit situation, but more specifically the unique methodology that Jan Schlichtmann and Mark Wahlstrom have devised for the resolution of mass claimant cases.

Also of news today is the major Supreme Court decision in the Rockwell Whistle Blower case. You can read an excellent summary in the Denver Post by clicking here.  

Essentially the Supreme Court, with Justice Antonin Scalia writing for the majority, ruled against the petitioner James Stone, but in so doing created a bright line methodology for how these cases can be brought in the future. While difficult for Mr. Stone, who was supported by a wide variety of tax and consumer watchdog organizations in his quest, his case may ultimately do far greater good for those looking to pursue Qui Tam cases as it will be sufficiently clear what sort of fact pattern needs to exist in order to bring a claim. I'm sure that will be a major focus of the convention as well.

So, watch for the updates and some big news for the settlement community in the next 5 days, and i'll be sure to bring it to you as soon as I get it.  

Posted on March 28, 2007 and filed under Vioxx litigation.