$27 million in punitive damages in Humeston Vioxx case.

Well that was quick. Just as I finished my prior blog post, out comes the news alert from Bloomsberg that the jury didn't take a lot of time in hitting Merck with a $27 million punitive damage assessment in the Humeston vioxx case, bringing the total award to $47 million.

This is going to be attacked by the corporate interests and opponents of the legal system but this is a case where evidence was withheld in the first trial, and when the second trial included the same evidence the jury came back with an entirely different result. They then further punished the NJ based company with a punitive award designed to get their attention for the marketing practices used in promoting this drug to consumers and medical professionals.

This went from bad news to Merck to VERY bad news for Merck in an hours time.  

Posted on March 12, 2007 and filed under Vioxx litigation.