Rob Wood podcast on his new book on Independent contractor legal issues.

n another featured podcast interview, Attorney Rob Wood of the Law firm Wood & Porter sat down with Scott Drake and Jan Schlichtmann to discuss the issue of independent contractors and their status in the law.  robwood.jpg

This is a discussion of his new book, " The Legal Guide to Independent Contractor Status." It is published by Tax Institute and you can purchase it by going to the Tax Institute web site at

You may also read the recent review of this book that appeared in Tax Notes by clicking here.

One of the hottest areas of litigation in employment law, wage and hour litigation and other areas involving the status of permanent and temporary workers is the use of companies creating squadrons of " independent contractors". This podcast with Rob Wood goes into some intriguing areas, among them the use of independent contractors in the Blackwater murders in Iraq and other areas of increasing seriousness. The courts are starting to finally take a long look at this issue of how you handle taxation and liability in determining if someone is an employee or independent contractor. This podcast and this book look at some of the landmark cases as well as the evolving area of law that will be of increasing importance to employment attorneys, ERISA experts and others trying to work out the complicated area of employment law.

Listen to the full podcast of Robert Wood on independent contractors by clicking here.  


Posted on December 5, 2007 .