The Legal Broadcast Network announces it's association with The Miller Group

This week the Legal Broadcast Network was pleased to announce their association with Miller Capital as the firm selected to implement a broad range of media and financial strategies for LBN. As most of you know, The Settlement Channel is featured on the Legal Broadcast Network, and it's founder, Mark Wahlstrom is one of the founders and principal's of LBN.

As many of you know the Legal Broadcast Network has operated quietly for over two years as they constructed studio's in Phoenix, AZ, developed their proprietary search engine and podcast tools and prepared for an expansion that would allow the firm to be the premier source of information for trial lawyers nation wide. On November 1, 2007 they were finally able to announce this arrangement with Miller Capital and begin to implement the strategies that they feel will transform The Legal Broadcast Network into one of the most unique and powerful internet broadcasting companies available on the internet.

You may read the press release here that discusses the changes, who Miller Capital is and some of the plans going forward.

While this event is a major deal for LBN and it's founders, it is just the first of many steps that will be taken to broaden the content, reach and impact of LBN and it's affiliated channels. In the weeks and months ahead you will see, hear and read about other significant stories related to the growth of this channel. As always it will remain an open platform for ideas, new shows, new channels and new commentators. I welcome your input, ideas and participation.

Posted on November 3, 2007 .