Some cosmetic changes.

As we plunge back into the work mode after summer i've made a few changes in how The Settlement Channel blog will provide information and commentary so you can find what you are looking for in a more seamless fashion.

Toward that end i've decided to change the name of "Settlement Industry Gossip and Rumors" to a more professional sounding, "Settlement Industry news and discussion". You will see that change starting tomorrow. If you are subscribed to that RSS feed the change should be seamless, but if you lose the feed just resubscribe tomorrow and you should be fine.

As part of that change I will be using that segment, along with the discussion board, to post settlement industry news, product changes, company announcements, industry gossip and other items that would be of particular relevance to the settlement industry. As The Settlement Channel has morphed into a general legal, settlement and financial blog I think keeping the featured commentary and news on the front page, and the settlement news on the second page will make for easier organization.

As before all podcasts will be released and linked via the front page and then placed in archive by subject matter for easy searching and reference.

There are some major announcements about to come out, one in particular regarding a golf and CLE event that will be available to attorneys and settlement professionals from around the country, so keep reading and listening. August was again a record month for show downloads and visits, which given that August is vacation month was pretty remarkable. As the fall gets under way you will be seeing daily commentary, podcasts, news and information so make sure you check in daily here at The Settlement Channel.  

Posted on September 5, 2006 .