A fresh approach and a reason to play golf in Scottsdale.

I've been teasing some of you over the last month about an event we have planned in Scottsdale, AZ in November but it's now time to take the wraps off and start revealing the details of a unique marketing and educational conference that is being held in Scottsdale, AZ on November 9th, 10th and 11th.

Wahlstrom & Associates, The Legal Broadcast Network and The Wyoming Trial Lawyers Association have joined forces to offer a combination competitive golf tournament, legal CLE event for trial lawyers, settlement professionals and other parties interested in offering education to trial lawyers.

I'll be doing daily posts on the events to provide greater detail but the basic information you need to know about this event  is the following:

 1. It will be held at the beautiful Scottsdale Plaza Resort. Located in the heart of Scottsdale this 4 star property is the annual host to the Fiesta Bowl teams, 5 minutes from the golf course, 2 minutes to the casinos, night life and clubs of Scottsdale. You couldn't pick a more central location that is typically 20 minutes from the airport as well.

2. The golf will be a two day event held at the nationally renown Talking Stick Golf Course. We have the North course one day and the South Course the next, and we will be playing a unique "team format" where state trial lawyers form teams and compete for the first annual Cowboy Cup trophy. We will have a scratch division and a handicapper division, team prizes, individual awards and a general great time. Best of all you can form your own teams, enter them in the division want and insure you will be playing with your friends and associates. This is a premier golf facility managed by Troon Golf and is uniquely prepared to provide a top quality golf experience.

3. The CLE will feature two excellent days of education and inspiration for trial lawyers. The first day will be headed up by Attorney Rick Kuykendall and Attorney Roberta Ashkin and will feature the latest ideas, concepts and approaches to handling mass tort cases. This is not just for mass tort attorneys but for lawyers nationwide who want to know what they need to learn to work on these unique cases. The second day will be featuring a series of unique speakers designed to assist you in taking a fresh look at your legal practice, how you handle cases and your approach at trial. Each day this week we will be featuring a new speaker and let you know what an outstanding panel we have assembled. There will be a total of 12 CLE hours offered for attorneys.

4. Each state team can be sponsored by settlement firms and other providers of services to trial lawyers. While Wahlstrom & Associates is the primary sponsor of the golf event, the sponsorship of foursomes by state is wide open to anyone who wants to support their state team. The cost is a fraction more then you'd spend for a typical golf weekend, you get to play TWO days of golf with your state team, as well as attend all CLE and social events. Plus you have assurances that your team and people you bring will not be solicited by other professionals. We are looking to build friendships, network between trial lawyers and states and create a dynamic CLE where like minded people can get together, play golf and find ways to grow our business.

5. Unique social and entertainment opportunities.  The weekend of the event the Valley will host NFL football between the Cardinals and Cowboys, Pac 10 football between ASU and Washington State, NASCAR for TWO nights at PIR, NHL Hockey between the Coyotes and San Jose Sharks and NBA basketball between the Phoenix Suns and the Memphis Grizzles and Dallas Mavericks. We will also be hosting an opening social event on Thursday and a poker night at Casino Arizona on Friday. These, coupled with golf, CLE, and the night life of Scottsdale AZ guarantee you a good time. Frankly, if you can't have fun this weekend you need to check if you still have a pulse.

6. Unique video CLE as part of the session.  The Legal Broadcast Network will be producing 4 hours of CLE on video that will be provided on DVD to each attendee, and then offered to attorney's nationwide via podcast and DVD purchase after the event. The sessions being offered are "The Settlement Process. A fresh approach and what trial lawyers MUST know now." "Legal technology in the court room and what trial lawyers must know." and finally, "Legal finance, the explosion in options for trial lawyers and ethical issues". What makes these unique is YOU can appear in the segments by contacting Mark Wahlstrom and asking what it takes to appear. We already have booked up some of the slots, but some slots are still open so you need to move quickly to see if you can appear.

Ok, i'm going to bombard you with news and information on this event over the next 6 weeks as I really believe you need to attend this if you are a trial lawyer, settlement professional or someone who works with or markets to trial lawyers. It's going to be fun, relaxed and not your typical event. Just remember:

1. Golf slots are limited. We have room for 150 golfers and sponsors. Once that is full it's full. You need to move quickly.

2. If you want to sponsor a state, you need to get your reservation in NOW. Once a state team is sponsored, it's sponsored.

3. If you want to appear in the video segments and podcasts, you need to contact Mark Wahlstrom, NOW.

4. You need to book your rooms and get your reservations in by October 12 to WTLA.  

Come join us, have fun, meet new friends and clients or just enjoy the company of your old friends. Either way, get to Scottsdale in November for a Fresh Approach.  

Posted on September 19, 2006 .