Article on last of 9-11 airline cases today.

Extensive article in today's Sunday online Boston Globe outlining the cases being handled by Motley Rice for the families of the victims who were on the commercial jets that slammed into the trade center, but that opted out of the 9-11 fund.

You can access the article by clicking here.

Some interesting bits of information on some complex and tough litigation and settlement negotiations. Motley Rice has some of the higher earning victims, and as the offsets and formulas in the 9-11 victim compensation fund generally capped death cases at about $2 million of net recovery, clearly some of the higher earning individuals estates have some real incentive to opt out and pursue standard litigation.

However, as we all know the 9-11 fund wasn't exactly a banner event for the settlement industry, despite a great deal of promise and cooperation at its inception, and while clearly Motley Rice is taking some heat for its aggressive tactics and large settlement demands, they are allowing people who wish to try their cases to pursue that option, no matter how much the government and justice officials might wish to make this go away.

Interesting reading.  

Posted on August 20, 2006 .