Update on Civil Action Radio.

I'm including this 10 minute podcast for those of you who listen to the other broadcasts on The Legal Broadcast Network to bring you up to speed on what my associate, Attorney Jan Schlichtmann is going to be rolling out over at Civil Action Radio in the next few weeks.

Jan has formed, and will be announcing shortly the details of, a partnership with several attorney's to develop The Civil Action Center, which will be featured on The Civil Action Channel through a variety of audio podcasts, written resources and video podcasts. The tone of the show will be geared to both trial lawyers and laymen who are looking for information on a wide variety of cases, from trials in the news, answers to legal questions and discussion of issues that impact trial lawyers, this series will have something for everyone.

I'm personally excited as it will be a center piece of The Legal Broadcast Networks expansion of shows and commentators, with several new channels about to launch and several new featured commentators already on board and others about to be announced. We've built the studios, with one last major expansion currently under way, and now the fruit of the investments and work is about to be realized. As some of you know who correspond with me on a regular basis, we have devised a very effective set of options for attorneys and professionals desiring to provide commentary or market their services on our channels. I'll be introducing those options here on the blog over the next month but some of our marketing, commentary and channel options are exceptionally effective and priced at a fraction of our few competitors, and i'm now in a position to share them with others.

So, listen in on Jan's comments from last week, get a general idea of where things are going, and be thinking of how you might utilize the studio, infrastructure and expertise we have developed here at the network.  

Posted on August 2, 2006 .