Part two of my interview with John Darer.

Today i'm releasing part two of my three part podcast series on the internet marketing abuses prevalent in the factoring industry, and how they have spilled over to the structured settlement industry. As with yesterdays part one of the series, i'm joined by John Darer, the blogger at Structured Settlements 4 Real blog. John is a long time professional in the structured settlement industry who got fed up with the abuses and internet marketing fraud that was occurring on the internet in the factoring business, so he started a blog last year to begin highlighting some of the abuses.g_john_photo.jpg

As John shares with us in Part Two of our Series on internet marketing abuses, available by clicking here, the process by which many factoring companies attempt to "educated" consumers about structured annuities is by first dominating the key word search topics on the search engines, and then steering those who are searching for the term to pages designed to entice them to sell their annuity income stream. As we all know this is hardly considered education, but a poorly disguised attempt solicit existing holders of the contracts to cash out in whole or in part. In today's podcast we discuss splogging, concerted campaigns to dominate key word searches, click fraud on search topics and defining the problem, and then start the discussion of what can be done to combat this issue.

One of the things I can't stress enough is the importance of stakeholders in our industry fighting this marketing abuse as it occurs. We have allowed another industry to co-opt our trade names, educate the general public as to the features of our product, and in general diminish the perception of the product and service we provide. I know ever settlement professional has had the client, attorney or judge ask about "those commercials on TV telling people to sell their annuity." If all most people know about structured settlements is a cheesy sales pitch to cash out, we've surrendered the battle field with out firing a shot. Be sure to listen to this podcast to learn some of the methods by which clients are being "educated" by the bad actors of the factoring industry. 

Posted on July 25, 2006 .