Vacation is over. Time to restart the engines.

As you know late June and early July are my historic vacation weeks, and this year I took a few extra days to recharge the batteries and to work on our content for the next six months. One of the events we were involved in during the "vacation" was the annual Wyoming Trial Lawyers Convention, and the golf tournament that is sponsored every year by Wahlstrom & Associates. This years event was in Cody, WY at the Olive Glenn Country Club, a really nice course up on the plateau above the city of Cody.

 eli jeff and larry.jpg

This photo is my son Eli with Jeffery Tennyson and Larry Hartnett from Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

What makes it special for us is not only do we get to support the Wyoming Trial Lawyers, but that it is a very low key, fun event geared to raising money and not your blood pressure while your playing. This year I brought along my son, Eli, who is also the sound and audio editor for our podcasts and the studio for The Settlement Channel. Fortunately he didn't inherit my golf genes as he won the event with a 71, but other winners included the team of  John Robinson, Mike Swickl, Anita Schroder and Darin Scheer for low net team, Brett King for winning closest to the pin, Mike Swickl for winning low net, and in a shocker 13 year old Bri Sweeney, one of our ladies won the longest drive.

This picture is the whole Sweeney family with Bri in the yellow.  They grow those girls strong up there in Wyoming!

the sweeneys.jpg 

Anyways, it was a great afternoon and too short a time in Wyoming, one of the greatest places in the country to visit. I'll be ramping up some of the stored up shows we produced prior to leaving, including an excellent series by Matt Garretson on the Ahlborn supreme court decision impacting Medicaid reimbursement in personal injury cases, as well as a series i'm doing with John Darer on the issues facing bloggers and settlement planners attempting to educated and market via the internet. Just the start of some fantastic new content.  


Posted on July 11, 2006 .