Mark Wahlstrom at the WTLA convention.

As many of you know, we are in the midst of another expansion of the LBN studio's here in Phoenix, which means I am taking the opportunity to hit the road for our annual tournament with the Wyoming Trial Lawyers Association, this year being held in Cody, WY.

This year, in addition to running our annual golf tournament with our friends at WTLA, I'll be speaking on the topic of "The New world of blogging and podcasting, and how to integrate it into your trial practice." The highlights of this talk will be featured in a series of podcasts and blog posts later this month and next, as well as our unveiling some exciting new opportunities for trial lawyers and other experts to join with LBN and The Settlement Channel as commentators, expert guests or as show hosts. There is little doubt given the numbers i'm seeing this month, another 40% increase from last month, that we are still growing dramatically and we have really just scratched the surface.

Our theme of shows will be on how to build your trial practice, by incorporating blogs and podcasts into the plan you currently have in place for your internet strategy. While I don't want to reveal all our trade secrets, I do want to share what we have learned with others so we can continue to build the medium and encourage the best possible content.

Watch for our posts later this week.

Posted on June 20, 2006 .