Wahlstrom & Associates structured sales blog.

As readers know I rarely promote my own services here on the channel, those services being assisting plaintiffs with the design and placement of settlement annuities, planning their future income needs and partnering them with trust companies or other experts.

However, I do want to take a moment and direct you to the blog over at the Wahlstrom & Associates page, where I have one blog on Structured Sales and the other on Structured Legal fees.  

The focus of today's blog entry on the Structured Sales blog is an article in today's Wall Street Journal in which the use of Private Annuity Trusts were treated with a rather skeptical eye by the reporter, and an excellent summary of the risks of using a private annuity trust to defer real estate capital gain taxes were outlined. The full article is here.

As some people know, but most do not, All State Life Insurance came out last year with an annuity and assignment product that essentially allowed for secured installment sales of real assets such as business interests, partnerships, real estate, etc.  Wahlstrom & Associates has been aggressively setting up to partner with tax experts, CPA, estate planners and others who are interested in educating their clients as to the ability to defer capital gains on assets sales with an exceptionally high degree of security. This article mentions the new Allstate product, contrasts it to the other options out there, and what people should be aware of if they choose one of the options available to them.

Since everyone owns real estate, has partners who specialize in, etc, I wanted you all to be aware of the product, Wahlstrom's involvement in providing expertise in using it, and getting you up to speed on what situations it works in.  

Posted on June 1, 2006 .