Spring breaks over, new shows and podcasts this week.

Well, spring break is over for Mark, as I decided to take a 10 day break from blogging, podcasting and posting to recharge the batteries in anticipation of a very busy summer, and the roll out of several new shows, commentators and other upgrades and offerings from the LBN studios here in Phoenix.

 You will be seeing today the start of a series of posts on the topic of factoring, transfers, secondary market structures, what ever you prefer to call them. There is a lot happening in this arena, much of it controversial and sure to be addressed at the NSSTA annual meeting in Puerto Rico this week, so I figured lets get started on this end and increase the knowledge and awareness of those in our industry.

 Our lead off podcast will feature a series of podcast interviews I did with Matt Bracy, General Counsel for Settlement Capital, one of the nations first factoring firms, and still one of the largest and most active. Matt agreed to do a four part series on the history of factoring, key areas of knowledge and where it is headed. This series is geared for the trial lawyer, paralegal, settlement professional and financial planners who want to know more about how this market came into existence, how it evolved, the tax and legislative status and how to locate and work with a qualified factoring firm. The series will post each day this week, with part one launching today.

I also will be posting some intriguing information on  some on going litigation and controversy in our business regarding the marketing tactics, emergence of life companies as competitors to factoring firms, as well as ethical issues regarding the duty of a settlement planner to advise his client on options for liquidity at time of settlement, as well as after the sale.

It should be a great series so I hope you enjoy it.  

Posted on May 8, 2006 .