Part I of my talk with Pat Hindert on the recent NSSTA annual

Patrick Hindert, a frequent contributor here on The Settlement Channel, and the primary blogger at S2KM Blog, joined me last week for the first of a two part conversation discussing his observations about the just concluded NSSTA annual in Puerto Rico.

Pat discusses some of the new officers, board members and gets into some significant buy law changes relating to concerning members who are beginning to engage in factoring, as well as other activities which might be deemed contrary to the long term mission of NSSTA and structures in general.

Part two, which will be posted this week gets into some of the long range issues, as well as some specific matters which the trade association is beginning to make progress in discussing. If you didn't attend, this is a useful 12 minute podcast giving you a wrap up of most of the key events from the perspective of a former NSSTA president and long time member of the organization.

Listen to the pod cast here.  

Posted on May 30, 2006 .