New independent study of Vioxx shows impact after 4 months.

As reported in today's online NY Times, a recent study, entitled "Approve" comes to the conclusion that the previously stated 18 month window during which Vioxx showed no adverse mortality, may not be accurate, and that new studies indicate that as early as 4 months into the process adverse cardiac incidents can occur.

The article does a very good job of outlining how medical journals, outside experts and researchers can come to very different conclusions, and the subtle pressures brought to bear to find the conclusion you want.

A must read for those interested in the Vioxx litigation as the Approve study will now be front and center, and if proven, will greatly expand the universe of cases that could be trouble for Merck. This proves my contention, long stated here on the blog, that the longer Merck waits to craft a global settlement, the more information and events can go against it, and thus dramatically raise the eventual cost of settlement.  

Posted on May 22, 2006 .