Cancer Clusters, litigation and finding justice

Today's Boston Globe has the second of 5 recent articles on a cancer cluster that has been substantiated by Commonweath of Massachusetts DEQ in the rural community of Ashland, MA.

You can find the first of the articles by clicking here.  

Friend and associate, Attorney Jan Schlichtmann, the host of Civil Action Radio here on the Legal Broadcast Network, is quoted in the article about the issues involved in litigating a case such as exists in Ashland, and the difficulty in obtaining justice when the pollution took place on the site over 30 years ago, and the effects of the pollution in cancers and deaths, is scattered over years. As most people know Jan was the key figure in the Woburn water case, which spawned the book and movie, "A Civil Action" which has become the ultimate cautionary tale about attempting to obtain justice in pollution and contamination cases.

However, as the article describes, the ability to obtain justice through litigation, while exceptionally difficult is possible given some new tools and approaches to such cases. Jan mentions another case in Wilmington MA, which although smaller then the Ashland case, is allowing him to employ tom different tactics and tools to try and create a solution in which both site remediation and compensation for future medical and health costs can be funded. We will be doing a series of shows on how and what those new tactics are quite shortly over on Civil Action Radio, and i'll be sure to provide the link to the shows when we tape them.

Posted on April 27, 2006 .