Asbestos trial in Libby, Montana raises new issues.

"The old gray lady" aka as The New York Times, has outdone itself this weekend with several really fine articles on various issues of pharmaceutical and environmental litigation.

This article on the long running asbestos litigation and criminal trial in Libby, Montana shows exactly what a blood feud the asbestos case is, and in particular the scars and misery it has inflicted on that tiny little community in Montana.

As my friend and associate, Attorney Jan Schlichtmann well knows, the Fortune 500 firm, W.R. Grace, one of his primary adversaries in the "Civil Action" case back in the 80's, and who is the primary defendant in the Libby case, is a bare knuckle firm that fights every case, and this Times article points out some of the history and tactics being used on both sides to bring this dispute to resolution. Fascinating reading.  

Posted on April 22, 2006 .