Mark's Monday morning commentary.

Starting this month i'll be doing a weekly 5 minute podcast labeled " Mark's Monday morning commentary".

 The first edition is available via this link so click here.

The purpose of these is to give legal, settlement and insurance professionals a quick summary of the major events happening that week, what items will be covered in greater depth on the Channel, as well as highlights of what some of our other broadcasts and partners are doing. It will also include a quick tour through the relevant blogs to tip you off on topics of interest or controversy, and as I said, it should only take 5 minutes of your time.

I'll post these as a journal entry here, and will also give it a special archive in the Podcast section. Of course if you subscribe to our other podcasts you will get this downloaded to your Ipod or MP3 player automatically.

I have two requests. Let me know what you think of it, and help me come up with a better name then Monday morning commentary.  

Posted on March 6, 2006 .