A set back in the Macomber class action against Travelers.

I received news yesterday that the Connecticut Appellate court had remanded the Macomber case back to the trial court and upheld the appeal of the defendants, Travelers Insurance, to disallow the class certification as ordered by the trial court.

The full pdf of their decision is available in the download section. Click here to obtain it.

 I haven't had a chance to read the entire opinion, however I have been able to obtain and schedule an interview with lead Plaintiff counsel, Attorney Ralph Stone. I expect to have that in podcast form and available this Friday afternoon. By then I will have had a chance to read it entirely and report on what impact this decision has on the underlying case, if any, and what happens next.

As many of you know Macomber is the ground breaking "rebating case" that has moved the farthest along the pipeline to class action status and eventual resolution. You won't want to miss hearing Attorney Stone's commentary and thoughts on this latest ruling.  

Posted on March 28, 2006 .