Supreme Court hears important patent case this week.

The online NY Times has what I think is a very interesting article today on a case that the Supreme Court has agreed to hear this Tuesday.

The article is here, registration to NY Times is required, but free. 

What is at stake in this particular case is Lab Corp vs Metabolite Laboratories and stems from a patent given to professors and researchers at the University of Colorado and Columbia University back in 1990 regarding a blood test developed for vitamin deficiencies. While this might seem a bit arcane, it is in fact the first patent law case the Supreme Court has agreed to hear in over 25 years, and is really an indication according to court observers that the justices wish to address the hot issue of what types of discoveries and inventions can be patented.

When you look at the explosion in patents for financial products and concepts, technology and biotech areas this is going to be an important case. I recommend this article highly and will report back on this case after oral argument's.  

Posted on March 20, 2006 .