Latest of the NSSTA committee interviews.


As we finish our first series of videos of our coverage of the NSSTA convention in Phoenix last month, attached are the discussions I had with Brad Cantwell of EPS on the activity of the Long Range Planning committee, Andy McLean of Genworth Financial discussing the Tax Posse and the Legal committee, and finally my interview with John McCulloch of Allstate reviewing the work on the Governmental benefits committee.


Mark's interview with Brad Cantwell of EPS settlements and Chair of the Long range planning committee of NSSTA. Click here for the full video podcast.









 Mark and Andy McLean of Genworth Financial discuss the NSSTA Tax Posse and Legal committee activities.

Click here to watch the video. 







 Mark interviews John McCulloch of Allstate regarding the issues facing the industry as regards governmental benefits. Listen here to find out what NSSTA is doing in this important area.

Posted on March 1, 2006 .