Mile stone, 50,000 distinct visits and downloads.

As many of you know we have been running this blog and "channel" for less then a year, and for the three months during May, June and July we were building our studio here in Phoenix and testing equipment and the blogging concept.

After a slow but steady start, the channel has picked up traffic and considerable steam, and yesterday we blasted through the 50,000 mark for distinct visits and downloads. While this number pales next to most general interest or political blogs, for a niche market such as the Settlement Channel, these are substantial numbers. Plus, these numbers don't include Civil Action Blog or The Legal Broadcast Network, thats just traffic and downloads here on this little niche structured settlement site. 

We are on a pace now of 450 to 500 specific visits each day, 12,000 downloads just in January, and our blog is subscribed to by over 365 readers from the legal, financial and settlement community, and the best part is we are just getting started. You've seen our video capacity, and next week you will be able to hear and see Settlement Channel shows, separate and specific from the LBN feed, on Google, Yahoo and Itunes as our RSS feeds will send both video and audio there. In addition we will be rolling out a new season of Ask the Experts, as well as bi-weekly editions of The Settlement Round Table, and our weekly news letter giving you live links to the shows of interest to you.

If you have a request for a show topic, a specific guest or would like to be interviewed, just send me an email and lets get things rolling. It promises to be a very productive 2006 and you can be a part of it by contacting me here at the channel.  

Posted on February 6, 2006 .