Important Lead Paint case verdict in Rhode Island

As witnessed by a somewhat hysterical opinion piece in today's online Wall Street Journal, a significant verdict came down last week in the state court of Judge Michael Silverstein in Rhode Island, holding several major lead paint manufacturers liable in a suit brought by the powerhouse Motley Rice law firm.

These cases have been working their way through a variety of venues, but lead paint has been particularly problematic in the Northeast due to the large base of older housing stock, and the prevalence of lead paint in the homes of poorer citizens. This complicates clean up, tends to concentrate exposure and creates a substantial health hazard, or nuisance, as described briefly in this over the top editorial.

Read it yourself and be watching for an interview later this week with one of the principals at Motley Rice to discuss the specifics and lend some additional balance to this issues. 

Posted on February 27, 2006 .