Mark Wahlstrom featured in Robb Report Vacation homes on structured sales.

In the most recent edition of The Robb Report Vacation Homes magazine, currently on news stands December 2006/January 2007, Mark Wahlstrom was featured as an expert in an article written by reporter John Morell entitled "The Annuity Way".

Of course Robb Report doesn't have a link to it on their site just yet, but I'm providing copies if you contact me directly, and once I have permission to post a pdf file or link i'll do so. This is a glossy high net worth publication offered by Robb Report to subscribers, real estate, banking and mortgage professionals and the article goes into some detail about how structured sale annuities are beginning to gain acceptance in the real estate and planning world as a viable alternative for tax deferral of capital gains on real estate sales.

As you know this is an area of particular emphasis for my personal production of at Wahlstrom & Associates, and we continue to get daily phone calls from brokers, tax professionals and others about using these new planning devices, particularly since the death sentence imposed on private annuity trusts by the IRS recently, which to my mind were the only viable competition to structured sales as a planning tool.

If you are curious about the product, how it works or want a copy of the article, visit my other site and i'm sure you'll get a good start on what you need to know.  

Posted on December 6, 2006 and filed under Structured Sales.