Prempro verdict for plaintiffs in first phase of trial.

In the second Prempro trial to get to a verdict, a Dayton, OH woman got a jury to agree that the drug was a factor in her breast cancer.

You can read one synopsis on the trial here. 

Another summary on the trial is available from the Houston Chronicle.  

The jury awarded $1.5 million in damages, but she will first need to have a second trial to determine if Wythe's knew the drug could cause harm and failed to warn or disclose that fact. Most legal analysts feel that is going to be a tough bar to jump and ultimately the drug company will prevail in this case.

However, the fact that a jury did find that the drug did in fact cause her breast cancer was seen as a good sign by the plaintiffs, regardless of how the damage phase of the trial plays out.

Wythe for it's part continues to argue that it is impossible to link the drug to any woman's particular cancer and will defend each case one at a time.  

Posted on October 9, 2006 .