Wyoming Trial Lawyers Podcasts featured on TSC.

One of the featured channels on The Legal Broadcast Network is the new channel for The Wyoming Trial Lawyers Association. We have been "test driving" it for the last few months but have rolled it out as a featured twice a month podcast and blog site for trial lawyers not just in Wyoming, but around the country who are interested in events and speakers of interest of trials around the country.

The most recent podcast of "The Coffeehouse", a name that is inspired by their long time quarterly publication, features Attorney Richard Jamieson, the current President of WTLA and Marcia Shanor, the executive director of the WTLA. As the big event they are currently planning and working on, their CLE and Golf event in Scottsdale, AZ is at the fore front of their activities, the recent podcast discusses that event.

If you are interested in attending the Scottsdale event, this podcast tells you more about the speakers, who should be considering attending and what the cost and benefits of attending will be, if you are a trial lawyer or an advertisers.

Listen in here and go check out the WTLA blog page here. This will be the first of hopefully several state associations featured on The Legal Broadcast Network.  

Posted on October 3, 2006 .