Part two of podcast on factoring, ethical issues for settlement planners

A bit later then I wanted due to a busy schedule, but here is part two none the less of my two part podcast with Matt Bracy of Settlement Capital on the topic of ethical issues and dilemmas faced by trial lawyers and settlement professionals when asked by a client about their right to factor annuity payments.

You can listen to part two of the podcast on ethical issues in factoring by clicking here 

In part two, Matt and Mark go over some of the thornier issues facing professionals, such as, do you agree to compensation if a client of yours uses your referral to find a factoring company, do you need to disclose your compensation to the client, should you be obtaining a release from the client to be compensated, etc.

Also, they discuss the question of contacting existing clients to make them aware of changes in the tax law, or state law in which they live, to let them know about liquidity options they have now that didn't exist at the time of settlement. It's an important and thought provoking discussion and I encourage you to listen in.

Finally, if you haven't yet, you need to check out the Settlement Capital blog site, residing on The Factoring Channel.  Each week the blog discusses issues of importance to factoring companies, brokers, settlement professionals, trial lawyers and other attorneys. It is one of the single best sources of information on factoring on the internet and I encourage you to check them out today.  

Posted on October 24, 2006 .