Interview with Susan Bradley, CFP, Author of "Sudden Money"

Another of our series of NSSTA convention interviews was with Susan Bradley, CFP. She is the author of the best selling book, "Sudden Money" and is the founder and a director of the Sudden Money Institute. Susan is one of the first professionals to take a serious look at the phenomenon of what happens when individuals come into "sudden money" through events such as a personal injury settlement, a large estate, a lottery winning, divorce settlement or business buy out. All of us in the industry are well aware of the supporting evidence and personal stories we have of clients and annuitants who have squandered large sums of money, and in fact our industry is predicated on the use of an annuity option to prevent such situations.

bradley.jpg However, as well all know, there is more at stake then just the loss of the money, and what Susan has done, and continues to do, is look closely at the human element that drives this situation, and just as importantly, has ideas and concepts that can be used to help prevent it.

Listen to our interview, check out her book, or look up her foundation on the web to learn more. 

Another great guest we have captured on our video podcasts so click here to see the whole interview.  

Posted on January 24, 2006 .