Interview at NSSTA with Dr. Daniel Shapiro, Harvard Negotiation Project.

One of the featured speakers at the recent NSSTA conference in Phoenix Arizona was noted author and lecturer, Dr. Daniel Shapiro. Dr. Shapiro teaches at both Harvard Law, and Harvard Medical School, is a key member of the Harvard Negotiation project, which is a think tank on the issues involving negotiation, as well as the author of the recent book, "Beyond Reason". The book is a study of how emotions, both harmful and productive ones, can be channeled and used to more effectively handle negotiation hurdles. We have an attached video podcast of my interview with Dr. Shapiro, so take a look at it, hear more about his book, what he is doing at Harvard, and how it could be useful to both settlement and legal professionals in every area of practice. He was an outstanding speaker, the book is a great read and I can't recommend it highly enough.    Click here to watch the video of my interview with Dr. Shapiro.


Posted on January 24, 2006 .