Radio shows and podcasts on The Settlement Channel

For those of you wondering where the shows and podcasts have been just a brief update and good news on our new line up of shows about to roll out in October.

First, we have constructed a full radio and podcasting studio here in Phoenix, AZ. After a year of leasing space, using other studios, and testing mobile studio equipment it became clear we needed to have a full service studio to both handle live shows, video, editing and podcasting. So, we now have control over our means of production, as well as a dedicated staff to work with us. You will see an explosion of shows, commentary, on site reporting and featured hosts from a variety of businesses.

Our audience on the blogs has grown steadily and we will be doing our first real PR and email marketing next week as well so i'm curious as to your feed back and ideas as we continue to improve the channel and bring you guests that are relevant to your business.  

Posted on September 27, 2005 .