Podcasting, the future of commentary on the web.

Great article in today's Sunday NY Times on the evolution and pending explosion of podcasting. You can read it here but you might need to subscribe, for free, to the NY times site.

Anyways the author gets into a realistic discussion of podcasting, how Apple has once again trumped most of the online world, and will almost certainly explode forward with the podcasting audience. The Apple Itunes store, where you can download the player FOR FREE and then go and subscribe to my podcasts, or any of the commentary on the Legal Broadcast network, or any of 3000 other sites, is going to just blow away all of the funky little podcasting subscription systems that existed up until now.

Just as you can subscribe to this and any other blog with on simple click if you have the free and elegant Mozilla Fire Fox browser which is superior to Microsoft explorer in ever sense.
Or if you have Apple, you just click on the little RSS button and you get our blog content simply and easily as well.  Either browser does what Microsoft promises 6 months from now, and that is automatic subscription to web blogs and podcast downloads with a one click button push.

Well, the Itunes now offers you the same on podcasts. Download for free, sign up, and then subscribe to my podcasts. Every time I have a new one, it will download to your desk top, or your Ipod, automatically and you don't pay a dime. And wait until you see the podcast content on it's way. SSP meetings, interview, ATLA conferences, Special Needs conferences, interviews with industry leaders, discussions of Settlement Planning, tax issues, etc, etc, etc.  You can just listen in FREE, or you can continue to wait for quarterly news letters from whom ever to tell you whats going on. You make the call.

Check out the podcasts, get the Itunes system, get the Mozilla/Firefox browser and get into the 21st Century and start growing your business again.

Posted on July 3, 2005 .