Shows, programing and progress.

As many of you know, as part of my involvement with The Legal Broadcast Network, we have spent the better part of the late spring and summer totally rebuilding our site, creating a broadcast studio here in Arizona, and developing some incredible programming we plan to roll out right after Labor Day. It hasn't been easy, or cheap, primarily because acquiring the talent necessary to do the work right, and to keep it working right, is a skill very few organizations have at a price that is sustainable. Fortunately, we have done it, and you can count on seeing for the next few years a substantial ramp up in weekly shows, special podcasts, new commentators, blogging partners, and reporting live from industry events.

Toward that end, and now that we have the capacity to do some of the things we have been planning, if you are interested in doing commentary, blogging, reporting, advertising, rolling out new products, etc, I'd like to talk with you. This is planned as a collaborative site for a broad range of professionals and not as a soap box for any one person.

In the next four weeks we have shows planned on sexual abuse cases, taxable structures, structured legal fees, 468B, Medicare Set Asides and legislative matters. Be sure to subscribe, or check back often, and watch where this goes once we get past Labor Day.

Posted on July 27, 2005 .