Next weeks show on Legal Broadcast Network

Vaccines, mercury and politics. Couldn't sum it up much better then that as this article by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. In today's Boston Globe on thimerasol

Next weeks show on Civil Action and Tort talk with Jan Schlichtmann and I will be about the impact and concerns regarding the Vaccine program and whether or not it is keeping our children safe, or doing a better job of protecting the drug companies profits and capping their liability.

As you know I was one of the first structured settlement professionals to work on vaccine cases back in the 80's and as such have a long history in this area, and am disgusted with what the program evolved into and how plaintiffs have to go with their hats in hand and beg for money and prove damages to receive the compensation they need.

Next weeks show, this coming Thursday on The Legal Broadcast Network will have a series of legal, academic and activist guest to discuss this topic and I encourage you to either listen live, or if you'd like, subscribe to our podcast feed and we will get you a copy. All very relevant as I expect the Asbestos fund to evolve into a quasi Vaccine fund very shortly and it would be good as a cautionary tale as to how a well intended program could go so far astray from it's stated goals.

Posted on July 1, 2005 .