Steve Jobs makes Mark Wahlstrom's life easier

Ok, a bit of a stretch. I've been dying on the question of how do we get you to tune into and listen to our podcasts?

Most of you don't know what they are, don't know if you want them, and even if you do you can't find an easy way to subscribe to them and download them.

Well, into the breach rode Steve Jobs with his Itunes site, and with version 4.9 of Itunes you can now subscribe to and hear ALL of our podcasts each week.

And the best part is once you sign up, click subscribe and from that point forward you do nothing as your show feeds will be sent right to you as they are posted. No work, no sweat, no weird little funky shareware programs, you can even set your Ipod to pick up the shows!

Go to the site to download Itunes to your computer. And no you don't need to be running an Apple, it downloads to ANY system, and once you have it, just go to the Talk show section of Podcasting, find our feed, click subscribe and you are in. It couldn't be easier. Do it.

I mean it. Do it. Don't make me call you.

Posted on June 30, 2005 .