Legal Broadcast Network is back on the air.

Well, today we did our first live broadcast from the studios of WDIS in Boston, with Jan Schlichtmann and I hosting a two hour session on our web site progress, as well as introducing our topic for next week, which is vaccine litigation and the recent concerns about mercury based vaccines.

It went really well, other then someone forgetting to flip the switch for the live feed to be streamed out, oh, and no one taping the show for podcast after the fact, but other then that it was a slam dunk. That's why it was a test run and not publicized, thank god. It felt great to be back on the air live with our new studio, new streaming partners, and the podcasting and web site ready to go. The first step back to a comprehensive broadcast schedule of live shows, weekly podcasts of Ask the Experts, Settlement Round Table and Jan's shows, Civil Action and Tort Talk.

The pain has been worth it as we have a lean, affordable set up that allows us to create more content, at dramatically lower cost, while adding the blogs and show content pages which are so crucial to our audience.

Make sure you go to and check it out.

Posted on June 30, 2005 .