Cruising, blogging and podcasts

It's time for the annual "Mark gets out of the office or he has a nervous breakdown" cruise, and i'll be leaving the office bright and early on May 27th for Ft. Lauderdale with the entire Wahlstrom clan, and then taking the Carribbean Princess to St. Marteen and St. Thomas. I get back on June 4th, and hopefully will be re-energized and ready for all the cases, commentary and fun stuff that lies ahead.

This blog is going to be my main blog, the voice of the settlement channel, and is linked into my commentary on The Legal Broadcast Network. As you know i've been testing various blogging packages and formats, and we have settled in on the program you are reading now. I can't recommend it highly enough. I'll probably check in from St. Marteen and post a little commentary and some pictures, just to check out some of the remote posting capabilities, but for obvious reasons the daily commentary isn't going to be there until June 5th.

I am going to bring along our field audio pack and do a few podcast commentaries, again just to test out that equipment and the remote upload. These little audio packs are what our reporters and commentators will be using to report from seminars, conventions, court hearings or any event we think you need to know about and we can get someone to post information on. The sound is great, i'm just not sure how compelling Mark sitting on the balcony of a ship and talking to you about the blue water is going to be as a podcast. I guess we will find out huh?

If you haven't read it yet, I posted some new items in the podcasting and blogging sections of The Settlement Channel main page. Apple came out yesterday and announced that they will enable itunes for podcasts which should greatly simplify the process of subscribing to podcasts, downloading them automatically and storing them on either Apple or Windows based systems. The "TIVO" for podcasting should show up in about 60 days and at that point the medium is going to explode.

I'll do a couple of podcasts before I go, update this just before departure, talk with you later.

Posted on May 25, 2005 .