It's the Podcasts you've all been waiting for!

Ok, here they are, as promised.

The podcasts for Ask the Experts podcasts and The Settlement Roundtable podcasts. I know these first one's are light on content and not interview based but we have been working on the hardware, getting the hang of the audio editing aspects, and next week when I get back from vacation and Jan Schlichtmann is done with the trial he is immersed in, we will roll out the interviews and commentary you all are waiting for on all of the The Legal Broadcast Network shows.

After listening to the shows I want you to make sure you go to the main page of The Settlement Channel Blog, and  under Ask the Experts and Settlement Roundtable Podcasts, be sure to link us into your RSS new aggregator. I've had our audio people put in links right under the podcasts and you can just take the URL and paste it into your newsreader or ipod program.

I know most, if not all of you are still saying, what the hell is a newreader or news aggregator, and why in the name of god do I need to also go and get a program to listen to the shows? Well, it's not exactly like that. If you get the news reader and get our feed, you will automatically be notified any time anyone on the site posts fresh content. The same is with the audio commentary and shows. Each new show or audio will be streamed down to your desk top and you'll be able to just click and play after reading the show topic summary.

You have got to do this. It's no longer the future, it's the here and now. Apple and Microsoft are frantically building the podcasting software and reading into their itunes, ipod and Outlook platforms to update, and they know this is the new race for the desk top and content delivery they need to win. Email and web searching for your news and commentary is going to go the way of the fax, which is a semi useful tool, but one that rapidly vanishing as an essential part of the ability to get news, transfer documents and stay current on your practice.

If you can't bring yourself to subscribe to the blogs or shows, then at the very least KEEP COMING BACK here to see what I have to say and what is happening both on the content, but more importantly to start learning all that is new, interesting and important in the area of settlements and the law.

Posted on May 20, 2005 .