New Podcasts this week.

Just a couple of short podcasts this week from my show on The Legal Broadcast Network with Attorney Jan Schlichtmann. We give an update of the Vioxx trial in NJ, but also where the litigation is headed. Each one is about 12 minutes in length.

You can find the podcasts and subscribe on two new servers. Yahoo! podcasts and also starting today you can get all of our updated on podcasts each week on, a very innovative podcasting directory from a couple of ex-google engineers. What is so nice about each of these is that not only can you subscribe to our content, but you have the ability to download mp3s or link to the site from your own blog as well.

As much as I like Apple and Itunes, I find the Itunes player a bit funky and cumbersome for anyone but an Ipod aficionado, and actually prefer Yahoo and Odeo for simple run of the mill listening and searching. Try them out and let me know which you prefer.

Posted on November 7, 2005 .