Thanksgiving and other stuff(ing)

No real interesting links or news, as this is customarily a quiet week across the country as people take off and go to where ever it is their families are. For my part I have all my son's in town, in laws over and we do it up big, making Thanksgiving the kick off to my annual realization I need to lose weight and get back into shape, or at least the shape I thought I use to be in.

News this week is that we had a very successful couple of days at the Mass Torts Made Perfect conference in Las Vegas, with Jan Schlichtmann and our camera crew testing our video broadcasting and interview skills in a conference setting. You'll see the video podcasts showing up next week as we go over the footage, hone our editing skills and streamline the process of posting video to multiple sites. You are going to see more and more video in the coming months as we cover trials, conferences, seminars and other events we think our audience is interested in. If you have an event that you would like The Settlement Channel or Legal Broadcast Network at, please let me know in advance and we will determine if we can get our team there to cover it.

One other element you are about to see a lot of is our weekly podcasts and commentary on the four shows that are linked to The Settlement Channel. The first is Ask the Experts, which is our weekly series of conversations with a wide range of technical experts who work in support of the trial bar. This can range from technology, to finance, to insurance or tax law. Every week we will post new content to the Ask the Experts area, as well as put the podcast feed out via RSS, so you will be able to listen or find them easily. The second is our Settlement Round Table show, which is dedicated to experts in the Settlement Planning, or Structured Settlement industry. These are conversations with news makers, industry leaders and life market experts discussing the wide range of issues facing this crucial area of trial law. If you are engaged in settlement planning you won't want to miss these. The third show each week is our broadcast of Civil Action Radio over on The Legal Broadcast Network. This is a show for trial lawyers and discusses the issues of importance to them each week, along with my discussions with Attorney Jan Schlichtmann on areas of law, politics, the courts and other items that grab out interest. It's broken into segments and put on the RSS feed so you can listen to the whole show, or just the segments you like. Finally, we are starting each Monday, Mark's Monday morning commentary. This will be on topics ranging from settlements, to law, to politics and the news or items you should be focusing on that week. It will be short and to the point so make it a part of how you start each week.

Anyways, lots of stuff, hardly enough time to pursue all the opportunities, and early in 2006 several new channels and shows being added to our line up. Make sure your watching, reading, listening and, if you want to join in, contact me and discuss how you can be part of what we are doing here on The Settlement Channel. Have a great Thanksgiving.

Posted on November 23, 2005 .