Advertising on Web sites explodes.

In the, I can dream category, is this article in the WSJ about the explosion in advertising rates for web pages, portals, etc. Prime web spots on portals are going for $1 million PER DAY, up from $25,000 just 3 years ago. Obviously, something is changing and the big boys see it.

I point this out as it verifies a few things I have learned over the last year as i've built up the Settlement Channel, as well as our sister site, The Legal Broadcast Network. First, advertisers are restless about the impact their ad dollars have in "old media" settings. In the legal industry that includes yellow page advertising, TV, Radio, newspapers and email or web search tools. In the settlement or financial industry, that includes trade shows, industry publications, legal publications and direct marketing of brochures and point of sales pieces.

The consumer is typically using the web and web searches to research topics and then locate service providers. They want written, audio and video content that assists them in that decision. Thats what we do here at The Settlement Channel and on LBN, and our new advertising and affiliates program will be rolled out in early December. If your curious about how you can "get in the game" as a commentator, channel owner, show host, etc, drop me a note and lets talk.


Posted on November 16, 2005 .