New podcasts on taxes and settlement roundtable

As you hopefully have noticed my production of podcasts and content has accelerated substantially since the completion of the operational phase of our Phoenix studio was completed in early October, and now with the staff and procedures smoothed out we can just concentrate on getting great interviews and discussions of interest rolling.

This week on The Settlement Round Table I interviewed John Darer, a settlement professional from CT with a long track record of working both plaintiff and defense cases, and whom I think exemplifies where our industry is headed. That being a transition to being a settlement professional, as opposed to a broker who works strictly plaintiff or defense cases. John has some interesting things to share, the not least of which is the early stages of an industry think tank he would like to start. Check out the podcast here at the Yahoo! site or go to Itunes if you prefer that platform.

Also this week on Ask the Experts we started the first of a series of podcasts on Structured legal fees, or structured attorney fees. My guest was noted national tax law specialist, Attorney Robert W. Wood of San Francisco, CA who is generally recognized as one of the nations experts in the area of taxable damages and structured legal fee issues. If you are considering structuring your legal fee's at the end of the year, or you are a professional who has a client considering this you really need to listen to these two podcasts. The first one is here, again at the Yahoo! site which I really like, and part two is here on the same page as well. Please note you can subscribe to our content here and it makes getting updates simple as they come to you as soon as they post.

We will be following up the structure legal fee's discussion next week with two more interviews by industry experts from a couple of the life insurance companies who market these, so our readers and listeners can begin to get a handle on the fact that almost every attorney should at the very least consider structuring their fee, and know how to integrate the option into their regular litigation practice.

Next week i'll be adding more commentary on mass torts, as well as an in depth discussion with some leading technologists who are pioneering new uses of the internet, concept mapping and social networks as tools for managing and selling.

Posted on November 12, 2005 .