Links to podcasts on Yahoo and Itunes.

As we continue to evolve this channel and find new ways of distributing the media, i'm fortunate that the Big Guys, such as Apple, Yahoo and Google, and i'm sure Microsoft before too long, are rolling out podcast directories, servers and listening tools.

These are invaluable to the distribution of my show and channel as they allow you to subscribe to the show on Itune, or just recently Yahoo, and each week our content will be automatically downloaded to those accounts so you can get both our full broadcast, but the segments as well via these third party subscription tools. It saves me a ton of time, money and bandwidth, so I can concentrate on producing great content, not building a server farm of computers to pump out content.

Toward that end here are links to last weeks podcasts as they appear on Yahoo. Again, note that you can subscribe for Free, (magic word) and it's very easy to use.

1. Part one of my interview with noted brain injury lawyer, and legal blogger, Attorney Michael V. Kaplen. The focus of the conversation being about head injury clients, ethical dilemmas and areas of his practice.

2. Part two of my interview with Attorney Michael V. Kaplen, in which we further discuss the ethics of working with brain injury clients, the use of structured settlement advisors, and traps that trial lawyers typically fall into in this area of the law.

3. My conversation with Patrick Hindert, the principal of S2KM, one of the leading experts nationally on both structured settlements, but particularly the use of the internet in social networking, business development and legal strategies.

4. Eye on the Courts. My weekly discussion with my co-host of Civil Action Radio over at The Legal Broadcast Network, Attorney Jan Schlichtmann. Jan is on the left fringe, I'm on the right wing, so our weekly review of the courts and politics bring both perspectives as we discuss the Harriet Miers nomination and other issues.

As we ramp up our audio content over the next few weeks we will be sure to post links here in the blog so you can find them quickly, subscribe to the service that best fits your needs, and make sure you get the content that interests you.

Posted on October 25, 2005 .