The Fiduciary standard and structured settlements

In this edition of The Settlement Channel host Mark Wahlstrom looks at the issue of whether the Fiduciary standard, which is rapidly becoming the defacto standard on many investment and annuity product sales, will soon impact the structured settlement profession and structured settlements.

Does litigation against the profession indicate greater scrutiny of our sales practices, disclosures and duty to claimants? Watch and find out more or go to

Posted on March 15, 2018 .

Structured settlement planning conflict of interests, is the planner a fiduciary?

In this edition of The Settlement Channel, host Mark Wahlstrom looks at the issue of compensation disclosure, compliance and what standard the planner is bound by who is offering your client a structured settlement, or settlement plan.

Too often structured settlements are put forward with out a clear indication of who is being paid and who the agent or broker is working for. Further, in settlement plans using alternative or managed accounts, many RIA's, while bound by a fiduciary standard are also selling commissioned product under another standard.

Perfectly legal but is it the best way to do business? Visit Wahlstrom & Associates to learn more.

Posted on March 14, 2018 .

Structured Settlements; attraction vs compulsion. What makes plaintiffs choose one

Structured settlements have seen a noticeable drop in production over the last 15 years, turning a one dynamic and growing settlement planning tool into a second choice for many trial lawyers, injury victims and planners.

Mark Wahlstrom presents the theory that the drop production is not a result of the low interest rates, but instead is a result of HOW the product was sold.

Was past success a result of it being forced on plaintiffs as a means of settlement and is the answer to low usage to now make it more attractive and relevant to a new generation of lawyers, claimants and planners? Go to to learn more.

Posted on March 9, 2018 .